Group Objectives

Our group has ten objectives:

1. Promote York as a centre of transport history in the UK and worldwide.

2. Contribute to advancing the field of transport history, demonstrate its continuing importance as a subject of scholarly research, and show how it can interrelate with and add value to other academic fields.

3. Support the work of the Institute of Railway Studies (IRS) through bringing together transport history researchers at the National Railway Museum, University of York and within the city.

4. Contribute to the work of the IRS forImage0016um and suggest to it proposals for research, opportunities for collaborative working and new initiatives.

5. Act as a forum for discussion, debate and information exchange amongst transport historians working in York, and forge collaborative links directly and through the IRS with external research communities, organisations and groups interested in transport history.

6. Raise the profile of individual members of the York Transport Historians Group and their work.

7. Develop the group and the IRS into a source of information for external parties looking to understand transport history.

8. Provide guidance and support to new York-based research students looking at aspects of transport history.

9. Run under the auspices of the IRS events, forums, workshops and conferences on transport history.

10. Support funding bids for research on transport history put in by the university and National Railway Museum, and support members’ own bids put in through these institutions.

The York Transport Historians Group operates under the general auspices of the Institute of Railway Studies.